Version Control with Git, Github & Bitbucket

Install git: Go to to download the Git installer for your specific computing platform and install Git.

Make sure that Git is installed and available on the command line:

Configure your user name to be used by Git:

Configure your email to be used by Git:

Check your default Git global configuration:

Initializing the folder as a Git repository:

Checking your Git repository status:

Adding files to the staging area:

Commiting to the Git repository:

Checking the log of Git commits:

Checking out a file from an earlier commit:

Resetting the Git repository:

Setting up an Online Git repository: Sign up for an account either at Bitbucket ( or GitHub ( Then set up an online Git repository. Note the URL of your online Git repository.

Set the local Git repository to set its remote origin:

Pushing your commits to the online repository:

Cloning an online repository:

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