Intelligent Applications with Machine Learning

Machine Learning Applications


  • Personalization
  • Cart completion
  • Item search

Text analysis

  • Document tagging
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Text summarization


  • Click-through prediction
  • Cross-device identification
  • Audience ranking

Image analysis

  • Image tagging
  • Image search
  • Deep features

Anomaly detection

  • Fraud detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Graph methods

Customer analytics

  • Churn prediction
  • Lead scoring
  • Segmentation

Application of Recommenders

  • increase user engagement
    • longer time on site
    • increase on-page & in-search click through / purchase rates
  • better user experience
    • faster & smarter than traditional navigation to find the right content / products
    • personalized
      • to a user’s likes / dislikes
      • to a user’s context (e.g. time of year, location etc.)

Applications of Churn Prediction

  • keep your users
    • proactively identify & engage your users before they leave
    • learn what factors lead to churn
  • optimize marketing spend
    • segment spending based on propensity to churn

Applications of Image search and tagging – Find similar images

  • reduce manual processes
    • automatic tagging of unlabeled images
    • create meta-data valuable to other systems (search apps, DMPs)
  • create more intuitive user experiences
    • replaces / augments text search

Applications of Sentiment scoring & Summarize text posts

  • eliminate the need for users to read everything
    • easily retrieve most positive / negative posts
    • aggregate the sentiment on a set of aspects that matter
  • Learn useful associations
    • create meta-data valuable to other systems (search apps, DMPs)

Machine Learning Fundamentals

  • Regression
  • Classifier
  • Nearest Neighbours
  • Clustering
  • Deep Learning
  • Text Analytics
  • Graph Analytics

Machine Learning Utilities

  • Model Parameter Search
  • Cross Validation
  • Evaluation
  • Comparison
  • Feature Engineering

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