SIP: Session Initiation Protocol


  1. An Introduction to the JAIN SIP API
  2. JAIN SIP API Download
  3. CafeSip
  4. PhonerLite
  5. iSip(formerly SipPhone on iPhone)
  6. SIP programming for the Java developer
  7. Micromethod: A SIP based Company
  8. SIPp
  9. OpenSER:
    Kamailio (OpenSER) – the Open Source SIP Server
    Opens SIPS
  10. STUN
  11. Next-generation network (NGN)
  12. H.323
  13. Siphon SIP -VoIP for iPhone and iPod Touch

Peer to Peer and SIP(Session Initiation Protocol):


Video Tutorials

1) Fundamentals of SIP

2) Introduction to Voice Over IP

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